What I’m Loving

It’s halfway through summer and we’re in the middle of a heatwave in Oklahoma right now. The kiddos and I have been spending our mornings and late afternoons outside playing in the garden, taking trips to the creek, and swimming in our little pool. The hottest part of the afternoons we’re getting creative and trying to find lots of crafts and activities to keep us busy (and not too stir crazy) indoors. It’s been a busy week and we are getting ready for our trip to California in a few weeks to visit family, but here are a few of the things I’m loving right now:

No. 1 – Talenti’s Pacific Coast Pistachio Gelato

This gelato is seriously my current obsession!! With the summer heat, I’ve been picking up different ice cream flavors to help us all keep cool and I’m so glad I decided to take this one home with me! Anytime I find a gelato shop, I always order a double scoop. One of my scoop flavors is always pistachio, so I’m glad I found such a good quality pistachio gelato I can enjoy on the comfort of my own couch! 🙂

No. 2 – Unique Vintage’s Fall/Halloween Items Just Dropped!

Fall is my favorite season, not sure if it’s all the pumpkin spice items or the excitement of cozy weather and gorgeous fall leaves after the heat of summer. I’m still enjoying this beautiful summer, but when I saw Unique Vintage dropped their new Fall and Halloween items I immediately stopped what I was doing and looked through ALL of them! There are so many cute outfits and spooky fun items to get your closet ready for pumpkin spice weather. (I already have a few items, including their adorable Mustard Basketweave Beret, in my cart!)

No. 3 – Video That Put a Smile on My Face

Recently I came across a YouTube video of artist Devon Rodriguez drawing people he sees on the subway and sharing their reactions. I absolutely loved how excited and genuinely moved people were when he handed them the drawings. It was one of those videos that put a genuine smile on my face and I think would delight everyone who watches his videos!

No. 4 – Whimsical Mushroom Vases

I love Anthropologie for how unique and interesting their pieces are. Their home items have become a fun scavenger hunt for me to look through, because I always find something that I just have to have! My recent find is their Mushroom Glass Vases. They are adorable little pastel glass vases shaped like cute fairytale mushrooms and would be the perfect whimsical touch to any table or countertop!

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