What I’m Loving

Gorgeous morning at the creek!

Summer is in full swing and the heat wave is continuing on here in Oklahoma! We’ve been working on a lot of projects inside the house (out of the heat) and building lots of forts and obstacle courses for the little ones to burn some energy. We took another creek trip and a day trip to Bentonville, Arkansas (about an hour away) to go to the Scott Family Amazeum. The Amazeum is a huge interactive kid’s museum and the little ones can go wild and play with anything and everything (they absolutely love it there)! We are heading out on our road trip to California next week and continuing to get packed and ready, which brings me to what I’m loving this week. I found some adorable kid’s summer outfits which are perfect for our California trip I want to share with you, along with the other things I’m loving this week! 🙂

No. 1 – Adorable Kid’s Clothes for Summer from Boden

My kids are messy kids. Most of their clothes have become “play” clothes and are stained with some sort of food or paint. For our trip, I thought it’d be nice for the little ones to have a few outfits sans stains that they can wear in public and to visit family. I came across the Boden website and oh my goodness, the kid’s clothes are so cute! I found some glow in the dark and interactive shirts for my son and some absolutely precious embroidered dresses and summery dresses for my daughter. (I linked my favorites!)

No. 2 – Morning Melodies

I really love to play some calming yet upbeat music in the mornings when the kids and I are starting are to-dos around the house. We try to limit screen time, so we put music on instead of the tv as background noise. Currently my music of choice is Parisian music to really set a nice ambiance to the house. Two Parisian music videos that I play on repeat right now are Waking Up in Paris and Songs for Imagining Your Parisian Life. Both of these will make you feel like your starting your day at a charming Parisian café!

No. 3 – Beautiful Bakeware

I’m obsessed with pretty bakeware! I have a good-sized collection of baking dishes and cookie pans that are just as nice to look at as they are to use. This beautiful Lavender Blue Baking Dish from Salter House is one I’d love to add to my collection! Salter House has even more awesome sustainably made housewares and clothing, and it’s a family owned business which I love supporting.

No. 4 – DIY Reusable Bags

A while ago I came across a blog post about how to make your own reusable baggies. We go through a lot of snacks in this house and using disposable baggies is such a waste that I wanted to figure out something that’s more earth-friendly. Mindful Momma’s DIY Reusable Waste-Free Snack Bags is just what I was needing! She offers a simple step-by-step tutorial with pictures and explains everything you need to know when making these. I have already started making these reusable bags for our California trip! And a bonus, you get to choose your fun fabric for the bags to really customize to you and your kiddos! 🙂

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