What I’m Loving

Coffee. Coffee has been my life lately! My two little ones aren’t sleeping very well lately, and between being up all night, packing for our long road trip, and the daily life at home, I’ve been needing much more of my caffeine fix. And honestly, that’s just fine by me because I absolutely LOVE coffee! I usually use my drip coffee pot and my Nespresso, but I decided to dust off my Italian stovetop moka pot to have some extra fun with my coffee time. And speaking of my Italian espresso maker, that brings me to the first thing I’m loving this week:

No. 1 – Italian Caffé Shakerato

My sister introduced me to the delicious, frosty coffee drink called a Caffé Shakerato. It’s espresso, ice, and sweetener shaken until frothy. It’s so simple to make and truly delicious, especially on a hot summer afternoon! I’m so glad my sister introduced me to this delicious drink and I’ve definitely been enjoying making them as my afternoon pick-me-up!

No. 2 – Embroidered Skirt

Recently I have fallen in love with embroidery. Many a nights I have gone down the Pinterest rabbit hole and looked through pages and pages of gorgeous embroidered items or tutorials on intricate embroidery designs. During one of those late night scrolling sessions I came across this absolutely beautiful embroidered dress from Boden. It’s absolutely stunning and on SALE, even more tempting to add to my wardrobe!

No. 3 – Kellogg’s Feeding Reading Program

My kids and I are total book lovers and spend many afternoons laying on the floor reading whatever books their drawn to that day. We also are big lovers of waffles in this house, so when I saw that my usual box of Eggo waffles had a Feeding Reading ad on it I was thrilled! To use the Feeding Reading program, you simply purchase valid products, submit your receipt, and cash in your points for a book. We buy waffles every time we go to the store anyways, so it’s a cherry on top to get a book with our purchase too!

No. 4 – Sleepytime Yoga

I forgot how much I absolutely love stretching. I’ve always known I love yoga and the peace I feel afterwards when I do it consistently, but with motherhood I’ve really put it on the backburner for myself. A few weeks ago I started to force myself to do a yoga video every night once I get the kids to bed and, oh man, how I’ve come to really look forward to (and rely on) that time every day that I get to do something that focuses on my physical and mental health. A video that I really love is Boho Beautiful Yoga’s Bedtime Yoga. The setting on the beach and the ambiance of it really helps you unwind, while the gentle stretching totally calms down your body for a relaxing night’s sleep!

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