What I’m Loving

It’s been a great week spending time with my family in California. I absolutely love watching my two little ones splashing around in the pool, digging sand castles at Laguna Beach, and cuddling up to their grandparents after a day of fun in the sun. It was a long road trip from Oklahoma, but when I see these moments, it makes the whole crazy drive worth it. And speaking of the roadtrip… The first thing that I’m loving right now was found along our drive across America:

No. 1 – Pretty Peach Texas Tea

At a stop in Austin, Texas, I found a little market that sold some local made tea. They had a few flavors, but one really grabbed my eye. Texas Tea’s Fredericksburg Peach Tea was such a refreshing pick-me-up on the hot afternoon drive. Texas Tea is a local product to Austin, but I found quite a few places online to buy it when not in town. They have some super good flavors I can’t wait to try like Goodflow Honey Green, Pecos Cantaloupe White Tea, and Sugar Land Sweet.

No. 2 – Khan Academy Kids

In our household we really try to limit screen time for the kids and if they want to play online games, I make sure that they are learning something from the games they choose. On the drive, my 3 year old didn’t nap as much as I thought he would, so I let him play the Khan Academy Kids app and he was having the best time (and learning)! The app has a ton of learning games, videos, songs, and creative things to do like “painting” on the screen with your finger. It also had games that didn’t need the internet, which was perfect when we drove through some long stretches of farmland and desert. I’m so glad someone told me about this app, and even better the app was free! 🙂

No.3 – Tote That Does It All

I didn’t realize how important a good tote bag was until I had to haul bags back and forth between hotels and outings on this drive. A good sturdy bag that multitasked would have been a huge help, so I decided to order one to make sure the drive home would be a lot more hassle free. The “totes reversible” Reversible Tote and Backpack by alleyoop is exactly what I needed! Its an adorable tote bag that you can flip inside out and instantly turn into a hands-free backpack. What I love even more is that this bag is made of 100% recycled cotton and is double-lined for extra heavy cargo. This cute and handy tote will be my favorite new travel accessory!

No. 4 – Deep Ocean Documentary

My little ones love watching nature and animal videos. Now that we’re able to go to the beach, they’ve gotten very interested in learning about ocean animals. I’ve always had a fascination with the mysterious depths of the ocean myself and what animals live down there, so we all enjoyed the Animal Wildlife- Deep Sea Creatures by National Geographic. It was wild to watch the crazy interesting creatures that live in the dark depths of the ocean. Interesting and informative, I highly recommend watching!

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