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The Holidays at Roger’s Gardens in Corona Del Mar, CA

Traditions have taken on a new meaning for me, now that I have babies of my own and have started our own holiday traditions. One of my favorite Christmas traditions growing up was to visit Roger’s Gardens in Corona Del Mar, California. This amazing garden boutique transforms for the holidays and turns into a winter wonderland that is the stuff dreams are made of! Each room in the boutique is filled with Christmas trees each with it’s own theme or color scheme and completely decked out in ornaments. Every space in the boutique is decorated with holiday decor, gifts, and trinkets in every theme for the holidays you would want. Outside in their expansive garden, they have their own fresh Christmas tree lot that is so dreamy to walk around and smell the pine scent of the holidays. As a kid, we used to love getting to stroll around at night looking at all of the beautiful ornaments, twinkling lights on the trees, and visit with Santa while enjoying a warm cup of hot chocolate. It truly is such a fun and magical place to visit to get into the spirit of the holidays, and I am so thankful I get to show my little ones one of my favorite places during Christmastime! 🙂

*Candy and Sweets Themed Tree*
*White and Silver Tree Room*
*Sweet Little Santas and Home Decor*
*I loved these frosted sugarplum wreaths!*
*Red and Blue Themed Trees*
*Sunshine Tree*
*Every year we each chose an ornament when we came to visit and these Radko ornaments were our favorite!*
*Walls of Radko ornaments*
*Crimson Cheer Tree*
*Jars of adorable and tiny ornaments*
*Everywhere you look, from the floor to the ceiling, there are decorations*
*Rainbow Songbird Tree*
*Santa Claus Tree, so many adorable Santas!*
*Couldn’t help myself, I picked up a few fun Christmas ornaments from the Vintage Red tree*
*Rose gold tree and nativity decorations*
*The copper and crystal room is breathtaking*
*Gold and sparkles galore!*
*One of my favorite decorations was this frosted wreath over the Moroccan inspired tile*
*I absolutely adored these cute and unique wreaths!*
*Take a walk through their Christmas Tree lot and enjoy the scents of fresh pine while you sip on a warm cup of cocoa*
*Making a wish on the Monarch Butterfly Wish Tree*
*There are trains that ride around this adorable planter and at night they light up. I used to love watching the trains ride around at night as a kid!*

Roger’s Gardens is one of the Christmas traditions that I absolutely look forward to all year long. The wonderful memories I have spending the holidays here with my family are the memories that I hope to pass down to my kids. I know this will be one of their favorite holiday traditions too! What are your favorite holiday traditions you have with your loved ones? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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