*Cherry-Nectarine Cream Crescents*

I love breakfast pastries. I love pastries in general, but breakfast pastries are one of life’s pleasures that I really happen to love (and at any time of day, not just in the morning)! I decided I wanted to make something yummy to nibble on even though it was 8pm, and I wanted to make something to share with my family when they woke up the next day as a breakfast treat. Scouring my refrigerator I found some dark red cherries, perfectly ripe nectarines, and a package of the always wonderful crescent roll dough. So, I enjoyed a peaceful moment in the kitchen the one day of the year the family all went to bed early and mama got to have some time for herself. 😛 My Cherry-Nectarine Cream Crescents are deliciously buttery crescents filled with sweet almond cream cheese, cherries, and nectarines brushed with butter and a sprinkle of brown sugar. These were a perfect little indulgence for my quiet night and everyone loved waking up to a yummy breakfast pastry the next morning! I hope you and your family enjoy this recipe (and hopefully get a peaceful moment to bake without being asked a million questions or cleaning up never ending spills!) 🙂

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*Red, White, and Blue Berry Shortcake Gelato*

The Fourth of July is my husband’s favorite holiday! He loves summertime, BBQ, and fireworks, which is pretty much the perfect combination for a great celebration! It’s our first year celebrating Independence Day here in Oklahoma, so I want to make sure it’s a special one! I’m always looking to come up with new, fun treats to make for our Fourth of July festivities and this year I’ve decided to combine two of my current obsessions (gelato and strawberry shortcake). My Red, White, and Blue Berry Shortcake Gelato is a creamy vanilla gelato studded with pieces of homemade biscuit, dried blueberries, white chocolate chips, and a fresh strawberry swirl. This refreshing, festive treat is the perfect way to put smiles on everyone’s faces while you watch those gorgeous fireworks light up the night sky and celebrate Independence Day!

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*Craving Crushers* Oreo Cream Swirled Cookie Dough Bites

We’ve all had that craving. That time when only one thing will calm your sweet tooth’s desire. Lately, my sweet tooth has been going crazy and it only wants one thing: cookie dough. While I have a true love for the good ol’ classic chocolate chip cookie dough, I wanted to make something that would satisfy above and beyond my cookie dough need. My Craving Crushers are edible vanilla cookie dough swirled with an Oreo cookie cream and enrobed with a crisp chocolate shell. As a mama of two little ones, these are perfect to pop in my mouth when that craving strikes and keep on trekking around after them. I hope these crush your sweet tooth cravings, as much as they do mine!

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*4th of July Pop Tarts*

DSC_0602 (2)

There’s only a couple of days left in June, and you know what that means!  The 4th of July is right around the corner!  For my family, the fourth is always a day filled with lots of fun in the sun, some good BBQ, and lots of sweet treats while we watch beautiful fireworks that light up the night sky.  I always love to make my dessert in the red, white, and blue color scheme to add some patriotic flair for the occasion.  This year I wanted to make a treat that not only is perfect to enjoy while watching the fireworks, but also is able to be enjoyed as an afternoon treat if your tradition is to celebrate earlier in the day {and for those with little ones that have an early bedtime 🙂 }.  My homemade 4th of July Pop Tarts are an all-butter pie crust stuffed with a strawberry filling and iced with a vanilla glaze.  Add red, white, and blue sprinkles to dazzle your loved ones with these deliciously festive treats!

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Chamomile Olive Oil Cake

DSC_0473 (2)

The weather is warm, the sun is out, and it’s finally feeling like summer!!  My family and I have been in Northwest Arkansas for little while and we are loving how beautiful and green the countryside is out here!  The weather has warmed up quite a bit and we have been enjoying lots of time in the backyard.  I wanted to make a nice, light dessert to enjoy outside while we picnic (and something easy to eat while chasing a toddler).  I’ve been experimenting with my olive oil cake recipe for a little bit, and thought maybe adding some calming chamomile tea would make a yummy sweet treat for our relaxing summer picnic!  My Chamomile Olive Oil Cake will add the perfect amount of sweetness to any summer day! 🙂

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