Decadent Devil’s Food Muffins *National Devil’s Food Cake Day!*

DSC_0389 (2)

Hooray!!  Today is National Devil’s Food Cake Day!  In honor of this special day for all of us chocolate fans, I made a yummy and extra chocolaty treat: Decadent Devil’s Food Muffins!  These super moist, chocolate loaded muffins are a verrryyy decadent breakfast paired with a cup of coffee or an indulgent snack that’s perfect to cure any sweet tooth craving!  They are super simple and quick to make, which means more time to celebrate this great chocolate lover’s holiday! 🙂

Monster Cookie Granola Bars

DSC_0159 (2)

It happens like clockwork.  Every day around 3:45 my stomach starts to hint at me… it needs a snack.  It doesn’t matter if I had a late lunch or an early lunch, big lunch or small lunch.  Once that clock hits 3:45 it’s snack time!  A snack staple in our household are the always delicious granola bars.  We have at least 2 types in our pantry at all times, and a few squirreled away in the cars for emergency snacks.  (Which have definitely come in handy at times!)  I finally decided it was time for me to stop buying granola bars and start making them from scratch.. and Oh My Goodness homemade granola bars are so yummy and EASY!  One of my favorite types to make combine the best of both worlds: cookies and granola bars.  My Monster Cookie Granola Bars are perfectly chewy peanut butter oat bars, loaded with semi-sweet chocolate chips and colorful M&M’s.  Snacking on these you will definitely feel like you are indulging in a delicious Monster Cookie.  These are a favorite in my household and I hope they become a favorite snack for your family too!

*Troll Treats*

DSC_0233 (2)

Since I was a child, I’ve been a lover of all things glittery, rainbow, and bright!  When the first Trolls movie was released a few years ago, my sister and I had so much fun watching such a happy, joyous movie.  Now that my son is getting old enough to sit still (for a few minutes at least) and watch a movie, I’m having a lot of fun watching these fun kids movies with him!  Last weekend the new DreamWorks Trolls World Tour movie was released and I thought it would be great to make a treat inspired by the film!  My sister recently bought me a box of the Trix Troll’s cereal she came across while grocery shopping and it is a delicious rainbow, fruity cereal with tye dye marshmallows sprinkled throughout it.  My first thought when I opened the cereal was that it’d be perfect as a crispy treat!   These Troll Treats are the perfect snack to munch on while you and your family enjoy the new Trolls World Tour movie!  🙂

Cranberry Gem Shortbread with White Chocolate Chunks

DSC_0475 (3)

When I was a young girl and first starting to bake, I LOOVED reading through cookbooks to hunt for interesting recipes.  I could sit for hours and read cookbooks, bookmarking the recipes that caught my eye.  In fact, I still love to treasure hunt through cookbooks!  Anyways, through my recipe searches I found a basic shortbread cookie recipe.  Since I was just starting out learning to bake, I made the shortbread cookies for my family during the holidays and everyone loved them!  Over the years I’ve made some tweaks to the recipe and added my own twists, but it’s now a recipe I make every year for my family during the winter season! And one of my uncles loves them so much, he requests them every year when my family gets together! 🙂 My Cranberry Gem Shortbread with White Chocolate Chunks are a hit with my family and I hope your family loves them too!