What I’m Loving

Coffee. Coffee has been my life lately! My two little ones aren’t sleeping very well lately, and between being up all night, packing for our long road trip, and the daily life at home, I’ve been needing much more of my caffeine fix. And honestly, that’s just fine by me because I absolutely LOVE coffee! I usually use my drip coffee pot and my Nespresso, but I decided to dust off my Italian stovetop moka pot to have some extra fun with my coffee time. And speaking of my Italian espresso maker, that brings me to the first thing I’m loving this week:

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Kid’s Mini Library: Summer Edition

Our little library all ready for summer!

My little wildflowers absolutely love to read and I’m so thankful because I’m a total book nerd! I’ve read to them since they were babies and always have books on hand for them to pick up and ponder with anytime they please. We all love going to our local library and perusing through the shelves filled with amusing stories waiting to be enjoyed. I thought it’d be fun to make a “mini library” at home with a few simple shelves that we could stock with books that we can change with the seasons and holidays. Here is our summer selection of books we have on our shelves and are enjoying on these hot summer days:

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